Employment law solicitors dublin


Being a law firm in Ireland, we provide all sorts of legal services related to employment law. Here are some of practice areas in the field of employment law.

Employment Contracts:

Employment contracts are usually made when a person is first appointed to a job, or in relation to new employment.  We provide legal services in all kinds of employment contracts.

Termination of employment:

It means ending the relationship between the employer and employee.

The Employment Equality Acts 1998-2011 outlaws unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, and automatically unfair dismissals. It another area of our legal practice.

Harassment at work:

It refers to unwelcome actions that are directed at an individual due to one or more of their actual or perceived personal characteristics covered under equality legislation, which create an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment for them. Such behaviors may be direct (face to face) interactions between individuals in workplaces including client/customer harassment which can also include psychological harassment or cyber bullying.


It occurs when someone makes a complaint against discrimination but later on gets victimized because of it. Victimization may occur by their employer or another employee/colleague who is aware of the complaint being made. When your employer knows, you are protected from victimization under the Employment Equality Acts 1998-2011. Discrimination at work can take many forms including harassment, bullying, different treatment compared with others in employment conditions, etc.

Unfair dismissals:

Unfair dismissals mean that an employer acted in a manner that no reasonable employer would act.

Disciplinary process:

The disciplinary procedure is designed to deal with misconduct by employees.

Injunctions to prevent unfair dismissal:

Injunctions can prevent an employer from dismissing or penalizing an employee who is taking action to enforce the law.

Pregnancy and maternity discrimination:

This occurs when a woman is treated unfavorably during her pregnancy, when she is on maternity leave, or when she returns to work after having a baby.

Drafting Disciplinary codes:

Disciplinary codes set out the procedures that employers should follow when carrying out investigations into alleged misconduct by their employees. These are often referred to as disciplinary procedures, although they can also be complaints procedures.

Discrimination at work:

Under the Equality Act 2010, it is against the law for an employer to discriminate against you because of your sex or gender reassignment status. It is also against the law for someone to sexually harass you, or treat you less favorably than another person because you have made a complaint about sex discrimination or harassment or because they think you have done so or might do so.

In conclusion, it can be said that employment law solicitors in Dublin work with many types of cases. If you need any legal advice or guidance for your employment case, then visit our website: We will be happy to provide you with the best service possible.