General Queries Regarding Employment Lawyers

Employment law solicitors are lawyers who specialize in the area of employment law. They have to deal with a wide range of issues like discrimination, unfair dismissal, redundancy, and workers’ rights.

They work as legal advisors for both employers and employees on these matters. Employment law solicitors also advise on contracts, job applications, and other such related documents.

Duties of an employment law solicitors:

– advising on matters relating to contracts, applications, or other such related documents.

– providing legal advice for both employers and employees.

– dealing with a wide range of issues like discrimination, unfair dismissal, redundancy, and workers’ rights.

– preparing employment contracts and related documents.

– providing legal advice on business operations.

– giving any relevant updates, recommendations, or changes in the law to clients.

– Maintaining records of all employment cases.

Employment law solicitors are involved with a wide range of issues which makes this profession very challenging but exciting at the same time. They work for both employers and employees to provide them legal information about contracts, applications, and other similar actions as well as update them on any new development in their field. Their services help people decide whether they need representation before an employment tribunal (case management conferences) or not; hence saving their time and money in terms of taking legal help in a case.

Employment law solicitors are well aware of the rules and regulations within this profession and hence, can provide sound advice to both employers as well as employees. They are also supposed to maintain records of all cases they handle for future references.

How you will be benefited by consulting with an employment lawyer:

  1. A lawyer will advise you on all aspects of the case, from issues of liability to potential defenses. Early intervention is key in a discrimination claim which can be subject to strict time limitations and could result in the loss of claims if they are not brought up early enough. Your solicitor will have knowledge and experience relevant to your industry and actions that may count as discrimination.
  2. An employment law solicitor will help you to file an official complaint with the appropriate body. In most cases, this is the Employment Tribunal although in some cases it will be the police or a regulator such as HMRC. They will review your case and put together evidence to support your claim which you may not have available. An employment law solicitor will also prepare you for hearings and/or mediation sessions, ensuring that you appear professional and are able to present your case effectively.
  3. Watching out for what discrimination looks like:
  4. Employers often try to disguise their actions as legitimate business decisions, so it is wise to watch out for any unusual behavior from your employer; an insistence on calling people by first names then changing back again; penalizing employees who take any time off sick; sudden changes in policy.

Are the employment law solicitors mediator?

Not always. However, in some cases, the employment law solicitor may act as an arbitrator or mediator for disputes relating to contracts and other legal matters. Along with this responsibility, they must be prepared to provide a service by explaining all aspects of the contract from both sides including information. Providing advice and support for employers; advising on matters related to employment law.

What types of law is employment law?

The types of law that are employment law can be categorized into labor, human rights, and discrimination. Labor is an issue such as the employer has breached a contract with their employee; if this is true then it might affect the worker’s salary or benefits. Human rights violations may occur when there is discriminatory behavior towards employees based on their gender, race, religion, or any other issues.

Do I need an employment lawyer for my issue?

It’s hard to say if you need an employment lawyer for your issue because every case is different. You should always talk with a professional before making any decisions and they will be able to evaluate the situation better than anyone else.

Reviewing your contract carefully can also help in determining whether or not it needs a further evaluation from an expert lawyer or not.

Is your issue based in Dublin, Ireland?

If your issue is based in Dublin, Ireland, then it would be best to hire an employment lawyer in Dublin who can help you file your case more efficiently.

We are Dublin based employment law firm that specializes in employment law and other related matters. We have helped many people who faced issues such as wrongful termination or being denied their benefits from their employer.

We are continuing to help more individuals than ever before so if you need assistance with your case then don’t hesitate to contact us.


With so much discrimination and harassment in the workplace, gaining the advice of a professional is always a must because they have experience working with such cases. Moreover, understanding your rights as well as your job description will also allow you to better learn whether or not you need a solicitor or not.

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