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If you’re looking for a solicitor to help you with employment law, then it is best that you find one who specialises in the area.
Employment law solicitors Dublin offer advice and assistance when it comes to employment disputes such as wrongful dismissal, unfair dismissal, discrimination and other issues related to hiring and firing employees.
The specialist legal services they provide include contract negotiations, drafting of contracts or policies and advising on terminations.
Many people are unaware of their rights at work but these solicitors can help them by ensuring their employer follows the correct procedures when making staff redundant or changing terms of service. They also advise on what benefits an employee may be entitled to including holiday pay or redundancy payouts.


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Employment law solicitors Dublin

Employment law solicitors Dublin are lawyers who focus on Irish employment legislation. We advise employers and employees about the law, draft contracts of employment, investigate complaints of unfair dismissal and discrimination at work, limited liability partnership, represent people in claims for wrongful termination of contract or breach of contract.

Professionals from employment law solicitors Dublin can help you to understand your rights and obligations in the workplace. They will be able to advise on what steps must be taken if an employee has been unfairly dismissed or is unhappy about their contract of employment, for example. The majority of people who come out with this type of problem are told that they have no legal recourse by employers because there was a clause in their contract which stipulated that all disputes were dealt with internally within the company without going through any external agency such as lawyers.

How employment Solicitors can help employers:

Employment law solicitors Dublin can advise on the best way to protect themselves from litigation. They will be able to give advice about what type of clauses should go into a contracts of employment in order for it to comply with current legislation, such as when a company is hiring somebody who has been unemployed for more than two years because they have certain obligations under equality laws. Every new employer and employee must know that all employees are entitled to equal pay regardless of gender or race and this means having specific terms in their contracts which state this clearly. The same applies if there was any kind of discrimination during the recruitment process – here too, every clause needs to include some form of remedy that addresses these issues to run businesses perfectly.

How employment Solicitors can help Employees to protect their rights:

Employment contracts are subject to the equality legislation of what is being offered in employment. Employment law solicitors Dublin can help employees to protect their rights by including clauses which state that all candidates will be guaranteed equal opportunities, health and safety procedures,employment law issues, employment relationship, unfair dismissal, employee misconduct, employment disputes, employee benefits, sick leave, regardless of gender or race and if there was any form of discrimination during recruitment process then every clause must include some form of remedy for this situation.

Being an employment law team,we provide employment law advice in Ireland in every area of employment law and employment law matters. Our law firm is a combination of some experienced and professional solicitors who are experts in Irish employment rules, employment matters, health and safety, injunction proceedings etc.

No matter which issue you are facing and no matter who you are: employers or employees. Just describe your issue through our contact form, our expert solicitors will revert to you within the shortest possible time.

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